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7. Sınıf Pasifik Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı 7. Ünite Superstitions Cevapları

7. Sınıf Pasifik Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı 7. Ünite Superstitions Cevapları

7. Sınıf Pasifik Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı 7. Ünite Superstitions Sayfa 40, 41, 42, 43 Etkinlik Soruları ve Cevapları



Complete the clauses wlth the verbs from the box in the correct form, then match the haives of the superstitions.

If clause : walk (2) fly, break, drop
Main clauses: follow, take, die, come, bring

  1. If you break a mirror,
  2. If you drop a fork,
  3. If a bird files into your house,
  4. If a black cat walks towards you,
  5. If a black cat walks away,


  1. It will take the good luck with it.
  2. Seven years of bad luck will follow you.
  3. It will bring good fortune.
  4. Will come a man to visit you.
  5. someone will die.


What other superstitions do you know? Write.


  1. If you hang a horseshoe above your house’s door, it brings good luck.
  2. If you keep garlic in your house, it protects you from evil spirits.
  3. If you wear your clothes inside out, it brings bad luck.


Ask questions to the fortune teller about your future. What answers do you want her to give? Write. You can use the keywords.

Will I go to the university?

Yes, you will. You will be a Iawyer.

manager? car? happy? How many children? Where / live? rich?


Will I be a manager?

No, you wan’t.


Will I have a car?

Yes, you will.


Will I be happy?

Yes, you will.


How many children will I have?

You will have two children.


Read the superstitions and match them with the related pictures.

1. If you cross your fingers, evil spirits will not destroy your chances of good fortune.

2. Why do we knock on wood? Because good spirits will come and protect us from misfortunes. People believed that good spirits lived in trees.

3. Many people believe that they shouldn’t do anything important on this day. They think you will have bad luck on this day.

4. If a bird defecates on you, your car or your property, it is a sign of good luck and it will bring you a lot of money.

5. Some people believe that you should | hang a horseshoe in the bedroom or on i a door knob to bring good luck and keep l nightmares away. A horse shoe has seven; holes and seven is a lucky number. İt is also l made of iron. Iron sends evil spirits away.



Read part 4 again and answer these questions.

Where do good spirits live?

What is the lucky number?

  • Seven is the lucky number.

What should we do if we want to have chances of good fortune?

  • We should cross our fingers.

What does it mean if a bird defecates on you?

  • It means good luck.

What should you hang to keep nightmares away?

  • We should hang a horseshoe.


You give this blue bead to an English friend. What do you say about it? Where should he/she keep it? Write.

  • Cevap

In Turkey, we believe that that blue beads will protect you from the evil eye. You should keep this on you or near you. You can hang it in your car or house.


Give suggestions about the things / possesions in the box. 

  • celi – phone – mirror – PC – wallet – clothes
  1.  You shouldn’t keep your cell phone near your bed.
  2. You shouldn’t break your mirror.
  3. You should unplug your PC when you go to bed.
  4. You shouldn’t lose your wallet.
  5.  You should keep your clothes clean.

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