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7. Sınıf Pasifik Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı 6. Ünite Parties Cevapları

7. Sınıf Pasifik Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı 6. Ünite Parties Cevapları

7. Sınıf Pasifik Yayınları İngilizce Öğrenci Ders Kitabı 6. Ünite Parties Sayfa 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80 Etkinlik Soruları ve Cevapları




Look at the photos and write the party names.

Sleepover Party – Birthday Party – New Year Party – Engagement Party – Wedding Party  Hatloween Party


  1. Resim: Hallovveen Party
  2. Resim: New Year Party
  3. Resim: Wedding Party
  4. Resim: Sleepover Party
  5. Resim: Birthday Party
  6. Resim: Engagement Party


Answer: How often do you have birthday parties?



Listen to the dialogue and find: Who do Adrian and Belinda arrange a birthday party for?


Tapescript (Track 9)

Adnan : Belinda, I think we should arrange a surprise birthday party tor Alan.

Belinda: It’s a great idea. Let’s think about it, Adrian.

Adrian : What should we do?

Belinda: If you want to organize a great party, you should first decide on a place and
prepare a guest list.

Adrian : Why don’t we have it in our garden by the pool? I’m sure my mother likes the idea.

Belinda: That’s fine. Now the guest list: We should invite about ten close friends.

Adrian : OK. What do we need for the party? I think we can collect a little money for the expenses and the present.

Belinda: I agree with you, Adrian. Let’s make a list. We need a lot of balloons to decorate the garden.

Adrian : Why don’t we have a party theme?

Belinda: No. İt is not a good idea. İt is difficult to arrange that.

Adrian : OK.

Belinda: Could you get a few paper flags and hats?

Adrian : Yes, of course. Write the flags and the hats in the list.

Belinda: OK, I did. Now the food!

Adrian : We should prepare lots of food: some little pizzas, cheese sandwiches, cakes, cookies and crisps.

Belinda: And beverages… We need a lot of juice, some coke and water, too.

Adnan : And finally a big birthday cake!

Belinda: A chocolate cake or a fruit cake?

Adrian : Certainly a big chocolate cake. Don’t order a fruit cake.

Belinda: OK, I won’t.

Answer Key

They arrange it for Alan.

(They decide to order a chocolate cake.)


Listen again and fiil in the party planning list.

Party Planning List

  • 1. Place
  • 2. Guest List
  • 3. Collecting money
  • 4. Balloons
  • 5. Paper flags, hats
  • 6. Food
  • 7. Beverages
  • 8. Birthday cake


Complete the sentences.

  1. They are planning to invite ten close friends.
  2. They collect a little money tor the expenses and presents.
  3. They need a lot of balloons.
  4. Adrian can get a few paper flags and hats.
  5. Belinda orders a big chocolate cake.


Work in pairs. You’re giving a surprise birthday party for a friend. Make suggestions about the arrangements. Accept or refuse. Use the keyvvords in the boxes.

What to do? – Where to go? – Who to invite?

Let’s …..

Why don’t we …

We should …..

Do /make ……..


……….. need ……….

a little…….

a few


a lot of / many

one /two / three …………..


Yes, let’ s.

No, let’ s not.


Great idea.

It’s not a good


Don’t ……….

Work in pairs. You’re giving a surprise birthday party for a friend. Make suggestions about the arrangements. Accept or refuse. Usa the keywords in the boxes.

Functions: 1,2, 3,4, 5

Skills: Spoken Interaction


Answer: What kind of parties do you get an invitation card for?



Read the e-mail and answer: What is the date of the birthday party?

Hi, Rebecca,

We’re having a surprise birthday party for Alan on 22nd June at Adrian’s garden (22 Victoria Road, NW6). The party is from 3 to 6 in the afternoon. Would you like to attend the party? If you accept the invitation, please reply my e-mail. We collect €5 for the expenses and the birthday present.


PC: Could you help us to wrap the presents?


Answer Key

It’s 22nd June.


Reply the e-mail in part 8 for Rebecca.

New message



Read the dialogue on the next page. Then imagine you are at a party. Read the keywords and make a similar dialogue with your friend.

Casper : Let’s have something to eat.

Lucy : Yes, let’s.

Casper : Do you want a cheese sandvvich?

Lucy : No, thank you. İMİ have a little cake.

Casper : What was that again?

Lucy : A little cake.

Casper : Yes. What would you like to drink?

Lucy : Could you get me some orange juice, please? Casper: Yes, of course.


Some pizza

2 ckicken nuggets

1 cheese sandwich

a few cookies

a lot of fruit

1 glass of Coke

a little juice



You are arranging the “End of School Year” party. Look at the pictures. Write what you need and how much/many you need on the next page.



Answer: What is a costume party?


Answer Key

It’s a party vvhere you wear different and interesting costumes.


Listen to the text and ansvver: What is Mr Cavey’s job?


Tapescript (Track 10)

Catherine: What do you do, Mr Cavey?

Mr Cavey: I organise fancy dress parties in my dance hail. Pm the hoşt. The guests can wear any type of costumes. They can wear costumes from history, films, children’s TV characters, cartoons, different cultures or professions.
Sometimes we have a themed fancy dress party.

Catherine: What is it? Could you explain that, please?

Mr Cavey : Yes, certainly. This means that everyone wears the same theme costumes. For example, if you have a zoo fancy dress theme, everyone should wear a costume of a zoo animal.

Catherine : That’s interesting. What should I do if I want to organise such a party?

Mr Cavey : First, choose the theme, and then search for the costumes and order them for the guests. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right costume. You should do it before the other arrangements. Finally, prepare the decorations for the salon. You need a lot of pictures and accessories. Would you like to help me?

Catherine : Yes, l’d love to.

Mr. Cavey: Do you want to wear a costume, too?

Catherine : Oh, no. No, thank you.

Answer Key

He organizes fancy dress parties. He is a host.


Answer the guestions.

What kind of costumes do the guests wear at a fancy dress party?

Cevap: They can wear costumes from history, films, children’s TV characters, cartoons, different cultures or professions.

What is a theme party?

Cevap: If everyone wears the same theme costumes, it’s a theme party.

Is it easy to find the theme party costumes?

Cevap: No, it isn’t.

What do they need for a theme party?

Cevap: They need a lot of pictures and accessories.


Imagine you are Catherine in part 13. What do you suggest about the decorations / food arrangements and their quantities for a fancy dress party? Talk to your friends.

We don’t have many  balloons in the . We should have a lot of balloons.

Why don’t we have ten coloured lights in this corner?


Imagine you are Catherine in part 13. What do you suggest about the decorations / food arrangements and their quantities for a fancy dress party? Talk to your friends.

Functions: 3, 5

Skills: Spoken Production


You went to a fancy dress party. Draw your costume and vvrite about your impressions.

Yesterday, I went a fancy dress party. I wore…



What do you say? Read the situations and write.

You need some help to hang the bailoons. What do you say?

Cevap: Could you please help me hang these balloons?

Your friend shouldn’t eat the sandwiches on the table.

Cevap: You shouldn’t eat these sandwiches.

Suggest wrapping the presents.

Cevap: Do you want me to wrap these presents?

Your friend offers to get you a coffee. Accept the offer.

Cevap: That would be nice.

Your friend asks if you want a piece of pizza. Refuse the offer

Cevap: No, thanks. Pm not hungry.

Your friend says: “Let’s dance.” Respond

Cevap: That’s a good idea.


Your friends came to your party. Read the example and write a thank you note.

Dear Pam,

Thank you for coming to my party. I had so much fun and hope you did, too!

Thank you also for giving me a good book.

You ar e a great friend.





Imagine that you are going to organise a surprise birthday party for a close friend. Prepare an invitation card to send to your friends.



Read the sentences and give points to yourself between 0 and 5.

  • At the end of this unit, I can…
  • accept and refuse,
  • express basic needs, express quantity,
  • give and respond to simple instructions,
  • make simple suggestions.

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