8. Sınıf Evrensel İletişim Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı Sayfa 54 Cevabı

8. Sınıf Evrensel İletişim Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı Sayfa 54 Cevabı


Sayfa 54

1.Read the definition in the box. What sports do adrenalin seekers usually do?

adrenalin seeker noun [C] someone who likes taking part in extreme sports and other activites involving physical risk

2.Look at the photos scan the interview and answer the questions.

1.Where is Helen?

2.Who is she talking to?

3.What are they talking about?

Helen: Hi. My name is Helen Snow, and today we are going to talk about extreme sports. Extreme sports are popular all over the world. But what attracts people to do these sports? Is it adventure or danger? People who enjoy fast and dangerous sports, like white-water rafting, are called adrenalin seekers. I’m at the National Water Sports Centre now. I’m here to meet Joe Pixy. He is a white-water rafting expert.

Helen: Hi, Joe.

Joe: Hi, Helen.

 Helen:  So this is a kind of indoor course, but you raft on the rivers all around the world. What do you enjoy most about white-water rafting?

Joe: I really enjoy being outdoors and on the water. I love the freedom of just you and nature. And I really like the challenge.

 Helen: So why do people like dangerous sports?

Joe: I think people like to push themselves. They enjoy to see how far they can go. They really want to test themselves against water and air.

Helen:  So, are you an adrenalin seeker?

 Joe:  I don’t think of myself as an adrenalin seeker, but I really enjoy rafting.

3.Read the interview and answer the questions.

1.Why does Joe enjoy white-water rafting?

2.Why do people like extreme sports?

4.What do you think about white-water rafting? Would you like to try it? Why or why not?




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