8. Sınıf Evrensel İletişim Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı Sayfa 90 Cevabı

8. Sınıf Evrensel İletişim Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı Sayfa 90 Cevabı


Sayfa 90

Read the information in the box and prepare a poster about possible natural disasters in the future and their causes.

1.Search the Net and gather information about possible natural disasters in the future.

2.Decide on four disasters to include in your poster.

3.Prepare your poster on a separate piece of large size paper.

4.Include enough information about the causes of the disasters.

5.Use photos to make your poster interesting and eye-catching.

6.Display your posters in the classroom

 Possible Natural Disasters in the Future

Drought:A drought occurs when an area doesn’t have enough rain for a long period of time. Without water crops die, forest fires occur more often, and animals may die. A few months without enough rainfall can turn a forest into a desert.

Floods: Flooding can happen because of heavy rain, when rivers overflow, when snow melts too fast or dams break. Flooding can be a few centimeters of water, or it can cover a house. Floods which happen quickly are called flashfloods.

How well can you do these things? Check (✓) the boxes.

I can…

identify the main points of TV news about natural disasters.

understand phrases and expressions about natural disasters.

exchange information and make predictions about the future of the world.

express reasons and support my predictions.

make suggestions about saving the world.

express personal opinions about the causes of natural disasters.

understand simple text describing natural events.

write simple messages and give reasons about the future of the world




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