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11. Sınıf Meb Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 25 Cevabı

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11. Sınıf Meb Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 25 Cevabı 2017 – 2018 Yeni Müfredat

11. Sınıf Meb Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 25 Cevabı 

Read the text and choose the correct option.
You may be a recent graduate or someone who is stili having education; if you want to insure the chance to get a job, you need to follow some basic steps and rules. With a well-organised CV, you will be introduced to your desired job. Plus, you can be well on your way to receive a call for an interview. So let’s take a closer look at the key ingredients of a good CV:
* Personal information- Give your full name, date of birth and current contact information, including your phone number and e-mail address.
*Education and qualifications- List the places you studied (beginning with your most recent), the year you attended, and any certificates earned.
*Work experience- Write your work history for the past few years. Be sure to include dates of employment, the company name, your title, and a brief description of your activities.
*Skills- Provide the details such as languages you can speak, familiarity with software programs, and other relevant information. This is your opportunity to list all the skills you have acquired through the years.
*Interests- Mention your hobbies and other leisure time activities. This is your chance to show the bright side of your personality.
*References- Offer the name of a teacher, your current employer or any credible person who knows you well. This will support and strengthen your application.
*Remember- Keep it short! Never use more than two pages. Make sure you use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation to make it absolutely perfect. Having an up-to-date CV is highly recommended.
[4} Read the statements below. Write the heading of the CV that each statement should go.
1. Also include your personal abilities such as organizing events or supervising._____________
2. Say more about the jobs related to the one you are applying for._________________
3. If you can’t think of any particular ones, don’t stick to cliches. Be honest._________________
4. İnformation such as nationality is optional._________________
5. Always ask for their permission before you give their contact information to potential employer.
6. If you are still studying, you should state an estimated completion date._________________
[5) These statements have false information. Read and correct them.
1. You can apply for a job if only you are a recent graduate.
2. You start writing with your earliest school in the education part.
3. There is no need to mention about your earlier job description.
4. You can write a family member or a friend as a referee.
5. Once you write your CV, you should use it for all the job applications.

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