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12. Sınıf İngilizce Beceri Temelli Etkinlik

12. Sınıf İngilizce Beceri Temelli Etkinlik Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 33

12. Sınıf İngilizce Beceri Temelli Etkinlik Kitabı Sayfa 33 Cevapları Meb Yayınları‘na ulaşabilmek ve dersinizi kolayca yapabilmek için aşağıdaki yayınımızı mutlaka inceleyiniz.

12. Sınıf İngilizce Beceri Temelli Etkinlik Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 33

Read the dialog and underline the expressions related to making requests.

Luigi: Excuse me! Could you tell me the time, please?
Kenny: Sure. It’s five to one. Hey, you are the new guy in our class, aren’t you?
Luigi: Oh! Yes. I’m Luigi. You are Kenny, right?
Kenny: Yes. Our house is near here. What about you? Do you live in this neighborhood, too?
Luigi: Yes. We’ve just moved. I need to go to a pharmacy. Can you tell me the way to the nearest one?
Kenny: Certainly. You are on your lucky day. There is one across the park over there.
Luigi: Oh, how lucky of me! Look, I’m new here and I may need your help. Will you please give me your phone number?
Kenny: Of course, Luigi. Here it is, on this piece of paper. Do not hesitate to call at any time.
Luigi: That’s very kind of you. I will not. I know it is too much, but I was late for Mr. Johnson’s lecture today. Can I ask you to send your class notes to me?
Kenny: Sure, it’ll be my pleasure to help you.

What requests would you make in the following situations? Discuss.

1 You must see a teacher at the break time. Ask a friend to get a bottle of water for you at the school canteen.
2 You are a doctor. Remind your patient to switch off his/her mobile phone before the examination.
3 You are at a restaurant. Ask the waiter/waitress for the menu.
4 You are having lunch with your friends. Ask one of them to pass the sauce.
5 You are a security guard at an airport gate in İstanbul. Ask the travelers to show their HES codes.

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12. Sınıf Meb Yayınları İngilizce Beceri Temelli Etkinlik Kitabı Sayfa 33 Cevabı ile ilgili aşağıda bulunan emojileri kullanarak duygularınızı belirtebilir aynı zamanda sosyal medyada paylaşarak bizlere katkıda bulunabilirsiniz.

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