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7. Sınıf İngilizce Beceri Temelli Test

7. Sınıf İngilizce Beceri Temelli Testler 9. Ünite Cevapları

“7. Sınıf İngilizce Beceri Temelli Testler 9. Ünite Cevapları” ulaşabilmek ve dersinizi kolayca yapabilmek için aşağıdaki yayınımızı mutlaka inceleyiniz.

7. Sınıf İngilizce Beceri Temelli Testler 9. Ünite Cevapları

7. Sınıf Beceri Temelli Testler Kitabı Sayfa 212 Cevapları

1. The pictures below show the steps of planting a tree. Dave planted a tree last Sunday. First, he chose a place for the tree. Next, he dug a hole with a shovel. Then, he pla- ced the tree in the hole. According to the pictures and the text above, which of the foMowing did Dave forget doing?

A) using pesticide
B) applying fertilizer
C) watering the plant
D) cleaning up leaves

  • Cevap: C

2. Which of the slogans above are solutions for the air pollution?

A) 1-2
B) 1-5
C) 3-4
D) 2-5

  • Cevap: D

7. Sınıf Beceri Temelli Testler Kitabı Sayfa 213 Cevapları

3. Two students want to make a project about the environmental problems together. Here are their ideas: Which of the following slogans reflects both of their ideas?

A) Create a clean place for your own life!
B) Save animals when they are alive!
C) Work for a better planet for all of us!
D) Take precautions for the endangered plants!

  • Cevap: C

4. Robert wants to prepare a poster about deforestation and animal extinction. He wrote down some Solutions for these problems. How many of the sentences above are NOT suitable for Robert’s poster?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

  • Cevap: C

7. Sınıf Beceri Temelli Testler Kitabı Sayfa 214 Cevapları

5. Grace wrote down some reasons for an environmental problem on the board and asked her friends to find Solutions. Here are the reasons and her friends’ solutions:
Sophie : People should use public transportation.
David : We should close the taps while we aren’t using them.
Tim : People shouldn’t throw litter into the rivers.
Sue : We should stop overhunting.
Who offers a suitable solution for the environmental problem on the board?

A) Sophie
B) David
C) Tim
D) Sue

  • Cevap: A

6. Which of the sentences in the box do NOT complete the conversation?

A) I – II.
B) II – V.
C) I – IV.
D) III – VI.

  • Cevap: C

7. Sınıf Beceri Temelli Testler Kitabı Sayfa 215 Cevapları

7. Mrs. Kingston, a science teacher, put a poster on the board. She asked her students to write some sentences related to the poster.
Maggie : We should recycle paper and glass.
David : We should classify our garbage and put them into different boxes.
Betty : We should use natural gas to protect our environment.
Joseph: We should reuse our old materials such as clothes and plastic.
Who did NOT write a suitable sentence for the poster above?

A) Maggie
B) David
C) Betty
D) Joseph

  • Cevap: C

8. Adam will prepare a poster about soil pollution but he can’t decide the slogan and the picture for his poster. Here are the options:
1-Don’t throw rubbish into the oceans!
2-Don’t use pesticides!
3-Reduce, reuse and recycle!
4-Stop air pollution!
Which of the following is suitable for Adam’s project?

A) 1-a
B) 2-d
C) 3-c
D) 4-b

  • Cevap: B

7. Sınıf Beceri Temelli Testler Kitabı Sayfa 216 Cevapları

9. Which of the following is CORRECT according to the chart above?

A) Deforestation has the biggest negative effect on the environment.
B) Exhaust gases are less harmful than illegal hunting.
C) Illegal hunting does not affect environment at all.
D) Polluting oceans is the most important problem.

  • Cevap: A

10. Which of the problems in the box are related to the survey above?

A) I – II – III.
B) II – III – IV.
C) III – IV – V.
D) I – II – V.

  • Cevap: B

11. According to the information above, people – – –

A) can’t bring their pets to the park
B) can enjoy in the park all day long
C) have to leave the park before 8 pm
D) mustn’t give food to the cats in the park

  • Cevap: D

7. Sınıf Beceri Temelli Testler Kitabı Sayfa 217 Cevapları

12. Which of the following is ODD according to the Jack’s to do list above?

  • Cevap: D

13. In Jack’s to do list, there is NO precaution for—.

A) chemical waste
B) global warming
C) deforestation
D) air pollution

  • Cevap: A

14. Today, we have many environmental problems.
(I) Air pollution, soil pollution, deforestation and water pollution are some of them.
(II) I think the most important problem is deforestation.
(III) People destroy forests to have more land and more money.
(IV) We must plant trees and save our environment for a better life.
Which of the following is NOT correct according to the text above?

A) The first sentence is about kinds of environmental problems.
B) In the second sentence, there is a personal opinion.
C) The third sentence gives information about water pollution.
D) In the last sentence, there is a solution for deforestation.

  • Cevap: C

7. Sınıf Beceri Temelli Testler Kitabı Sayfa 218 Cevapları

15. The temperature of the world is rising every day. We call it global warming. There are some eco-friendly ways to prevent it. We should prefer products suitable for reusing, save energy and reduce using private car. Which eco-friendly behaviour is NOT related to the suggestions above?

A) Charlotte participates in planting activities.
B) Aria generally goes to her work by bus.
C) William always buys rechargeable batteries.
D) Sam unplugs the electronic devices when he doesn’t need them.

  • Cevap: A

16. Which of the following is a suitable slogan for the brochure?

A) Sort out your garbage
B) Think green, live long
C) Drink more, use less
D) Reuse and recycle

  • Cevap: B

7. Sınıf Beceri Temelli Testler Kitabı Sayfa 219 Cevapları

17. Michael and his school friends are talking about what they can do to protect the environment. Whose opinions are related to the same environmental problem?

A) Emily – Henry
B) Henry – Adam
C) Michael – Lily
D) Lily – Adam

  • Cevap: D

7. Sınıf Beceri Temelli Testler Kitabı Sayfa 220 Cevapları

Mark and his friends answered a questionnaire to learn about their habits related to the environment. The table below shows the questionnaire and their answers.
18. According to the information above, who is the most eco-friendly person?

A) Mark
B) Sophie
C) Lily
D) Tom

  • Cevap: B

19. In the questionnaire, there is NO question about—.

A) saving water
B) air pollution
C) recycling
D) deforestation

  • Cevap: D

20. Which of the following is NOT correct according to the results in the questionnaire?

A) Mark takes precautions for air pollution.
B) Sophie uses water carefully.
C) Lily is careless with using energy.
D) Tom isn’t careful enough with the environment.

  • Cevap: B

7. Sınıf Beceri Temelli Testler Kitabı Sayfa 221 Cevapları

21. Each of the words in the visuals below has a relationship with each other. According to the information above, which of the following completes the visuals?

A) global warming using private cars planting a tree
B) smoke of the factories overhunting chemical fertilizer
C) greenhouse gases using solar energy smoke of the factories
D) using public transportation burning coal recycling

  • Cevap: B

Teacher : What can we do to save our planet?
Garry : We shouldn’t destroy our forests. They provide oxygen and fresh air for us.
Henry : We have to turn off electronic devices when we don’t need them.
Lisa : We must use public transportation to prevent the air pollution and the increase in temperature.
Amy : We should use renewable products and recycle more.
Which of the following is ODD according to the conversation above?

  • Cevap: A

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