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Ana Sayfa / Kitap Cevapları / 7. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Pasifik Yayınları / 7. Sınıf Pasifik Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı 5. Ünite Television Cevapları

7. Sınıf Pasifik Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı 5. Ünite Television Cevapları

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7. Sınıf Pasifik Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı 5. Ünite Television Cevapları

7. Sınıf Pasifik Yayınları İngilizce Öğrenci Ders Kitabı 5. Ünite Television Sayfa 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68 Etkinlik Soruları ve Cevapları




Which TV programmes do you like? Why? Read the dialogue, look at the TV picture and write your likes and opinions.

  • Cevap 


Answer: How much time do you spend on watching TV?

  • Cevap 


Listen to the text and answer: Why does George watch Mr B Talk Show?

  • Cevap 

Tapescript (Track 7)

Jane : What is on TV tonight? Let’s look at the TV Guide.

George: Reality Show is on tonight. I always vvatch it.

Jane : Oh, I think it is boring.

George: Which programme do you prefer, Jane?

Jane : I prefer vvatching The Simpsons to Reality

Show. I like The Simpsons because it is funny.

George: I don’t think it is funny. I sometimes vvatch Mr B Talk Show. I prefer it because his guests are celebrities.

Jane : Do you like sit-coms?

George: I don’t understand. What does it mean?

Jane: İt means situation comedy. İt usually happens
at the same place, but the situations are

George: Oh, like “Friends”…

Jane: Yes, “Friends” is a sit-com.

George: I like sit-coms. What about soap opera?

Jane: İt is a TV or radio series. İt is about the stories of the same characters. They are relatives, friends or neighbours. The story is usually dramatic.

George: Which programme do you recommend now?

Jane: Let’s watch Two and a Half Men. İt is a sitcom.

George: VVhich channel is it on?

Jane: İt is on ITV. The remote control is över there.

George: OK. After that, I prefer a sports programme. Is it OK for you?

Jane: Yes, of course.

Answer Key

Because his guests are celebrities.


Listen again and compiete the sentences.

  1. George alvvays watches Reality Show.
  2. Jane prefers vvatching The Simpsons.
  3. Sit-com is a situation comedy.


Write examples from Turkish or foreign TVs.

  • Sit-com  Çocuklar Duymasın
  • Soap Opera Arka Sokaklar


Work in pairs. Talk about TV programmes. Ask each other these guestions.

  • What is your favourite TV programme? Why? When is it on?
  • How often do you vvatch series? Always? Sometimes? Never?
  • Three times a week?
  • Which programmes do you prefer watching?
  • How often do you watch t hem? Why?


Read the programme information in a TV guide and label them as in the example.

Film – Sit-com – Discussion – Sports – Documentary – Music

Points of View

Viewers discuss their opinions on TV shows.

  • Cevap  Discussion


Austin Stacks vs Ballingcollig

Coverage of the Senior Football Club Championship

  • Cevap : Sports


Two and a Half Men

Alan wants some Money from the family members

  • Cevap: Sit-com


A Turtle’s Tale

(2010) An old turtle telis his own story. Director: Tim Wayne

  • Cevap: Film


Animal House

Documentary series shows the wildlife on the desertsof Africa.

  • Cevap: Documentary


Lifetime Songs

Enjoy live concert by Sting.

  • Cevap : Music


Write your preferences and opinions about the programmes in part 7 and then talk to your friends about them.

  • Cevap 

Write your preferences and opinions about the programmes in part 7 and then talk to your
friends about them.

Functions: 2, 3, 5

Skills: Writing 1 – Spoken Production 1


Do you prefer horror films or comedy films? Why?

  • Cevap 


Look at the pictures below, read the text on the next page and choose a name tor this TV film.

  • Fun On the Way Home
  • Last Minute Chance
  • The Lovely Bear

Ansvver Key

Last Minute Chance


Match the words and their meanings.

  1. Scream: to make a loud crying sound
  2. Windshield: the front window of a car
  3. Lonely: without anybody, friends


Answer the questions.

Why did the daughter take the shortcut?

  • Because she was in a hurry.

What happened in the middle of the forest?

  • The engine stopped.

Why didn’t she cali a mechanic?

  • Because her mobile phone had no signal.

What did the bear do?

  • It looked through the windshield. Then moved aside and broke the passenger window.


Did you have a strange /interesting / funny experience? What I happened? When did it happen? Write about it.

  • Cevap 

Did you have a strange /interesting / funny experience? What happened? When did it tıappen? Write about it.

Functions: 6

Skills: Writing 2


Talk to your friends about the event in part 13.

  • Cevap 

Talk to your friends about the event in part 13.

Functions: 6

Skills: Spoken Production 2


What do you watch on TV regularly?

  • Cevap 


Listen to the text and answer: When did Sandra begin watching TV?

  • Cevap 

Tapescript (Track 8)

David : What are you doing, Sandra?

Sandra : l’m vvatching TV, David.

David : Are you stili vvatching TV? You said “l’m watching TV.” four hours ago. You are a couch potato.

Sandra: l’m not a couch potato, but I like watching TV very much.

David : What did you vvatch today?

Sandra : I watched a film, a quiz show, the news and my favourite soap opera, “The Rich and the Poor”. Next episode is on next Friday. Oh, I can’t vvait for it. Did you watch it?

David : No, I didn’t because I don’t like soap operas. I think they are nonsense.

Sandra: What did you vvatch last night?

David : I vvatched a documentary because it vvas educational. I vvatch a documentary every day.

Sandra : Oh, I don’t like documentaries. I think they are boring. I prefer sit-coms and soap operas to discussions and documentaries.

David : Do you vvatch commercials, too?

Sandra: Yes, I always do because they are very interesting.

David : Be careful! Watching TV too much means too many kilos…

Answer Key

She began watching TV four hours ago.


Who watched what? Listen again and put a tick (√).

  1. David
  2. Sandra



Work in pairs. Ask each other “What did you do /watch last night? Did you enjoy it? Why?”.

  • Cevap 

Work in pairs. Ask each other “What did you do /watch last night? Did you enjoy it? Why?”

Functions: 3, 4, 6

Skills: Spoken Interaction 2


Read the questionnaire and mark it. Then report your answers to your friends.


  1. Do you play outside less than one hour a day?
  2. Are you usually on the couch?
  3. Is your couch comfortable?
  4. Are you lazy?
  5. Is your typical meal fast food?
  6. Do you usually vvatch the same programmes?
  7. Do you prefer vvatching TV to vvalking in the open air?
  8. Do you rarely get physical exercise?
  9. Do you watch TV more than one hour a day?
  10. Do you think you are putting on vveight?

Read the questionnaire and mark it. Then report your ansvvers to your friends.

Functions: 1


Draw a remote control and mark the related buttons with the given sentences in the box.

  • Povver turns TV on and off
  • Volume changes TV or receiver volüme
  • Mute Povver makes it silent.
  • Ch/pg changes channels
  • Guide brings up the guide
  • OK selects items in çenter focus
  • Info displays additional information
  • Back goes to the last page
  • Menü brings up the menu


Draw a remote control and mark the related buttons with the given sentences in the box.

Skills: Writing 3


  • Work in pairs. Answer these questions and give your opinions.
  • Do you watch series / sit-coms / soap operas in English?
  • Can you understand some vvords / sentences in English TV programmes /films?
  • Do you read the subtitles?
  • Which English vvords did you leam from TV programmes?


Choose two types of TV programmes that you usually watch and write a short paragraph explaining why you like them. Support your paragraph with visuals.

Prepare a short television programme and act it out, either video recording it or performing it in front of the class.



  • At the end of this unit, I can…
  • describe what people do regularly,
  • express preferences,
  • give explanations / reasons,
  • ask questions,
  • State personal opinions,
  • talk about past events,
  • talk about TV programmes.

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