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11. Sınıf Meb Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Cevapları

11. Sınıf Meb Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 43 Cevabı

“11. Sınıf Meb Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 43 Cevapları” ulaşabilmek ve dersinizi kolayca yapabilmek için aşağıdaki yayınımızı mutlaka inceleyiniz.

11. Sınıf Meb Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 43 Cevabı 

Read the text and choose the lesson given and write it at the end of the story.
a) All that glitters is not gold.
b) Never judge a book by its cover.
c) A guilty conscience needs no accuser.
d) Love makes the world go round.
Even today, having judged those men so poorly, I still feel embarrassed. I clearly remember that it was a very cold night and there was lots of ice on the ground. I was hardly walking to the parking lot to drive home.
I was carrying two large bags in my hands.
When I saw my car, I noticed that it was the only car left. There was nobody around and that was terrifying. Suddenly, I slipped and fell down on my back. I couldn’t move. I didn’t know how much time passed lying on the floor.
I just froze when I saw two young men dressed like gangsters coming towards me. “Oh, no!”
I said and started to tremble with fear. I was sure that they were dangerous and they were coming to harm me. One of them was holding a torch in his hand and I saw his friend’s scary face in the dim light. That’s the last thing I could remember about that night.
I opened my eyes, I realised that I was in a hospital seeing the nurse with a nice smile on her face. She came close and said “You are very lucky, ma’am and it’s really great that there are still good people in the world.” While talking, she was pointing at the door. It was open and the men were just standing next to the door to give me an unforgettable life lesson:_______________________________________.
9 Read the text again and write true (T) or false (F).
n 1. The narrator was a man. n 2. There were no other cars in the parking lot. n 3. The two young men seemed safe.
O 4. One of the men was carrying a gun. n 5. The narrator was unconscious for a while. n 6. The narrator woke up in a hospital. n 7. The moral of the story is about books.
Complete the statements to make deductions about the story. Use might have / must have / can’t have.
1. It must have been freezing cold.
2. It
3. She
4. She
The men_____
The man’s face The men ___
8. She
been late at night
__injured her back.
__been frightened a lot.
______seen the woman on the ground.
___________seemed really terrifying in the dim light.
left the woman there alone.
9. The men
felt really ashamed. ____been bad people.

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