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7. Sınıf Pasifik Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı 3. Ünite Sports Cevapları

7. Sınıf Pasifik Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı 3. Ünite Sports Cevapları

7. Sınıf Pasifik Yayınları İngilizce Öğrenci Ders Kitabı 3. Ünite Biographies Sayfa 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 Etkinlik Soruları ve Cevapları




Do you remember the names of these sports? Write them under the pictures.

  1. Resim: Golf
  2. Resim: baseball
  3. Resim: Table tennis
  4. Resim: football
  5. Resim: Windsurfing
  6. Resim: bungee jumping
  7. Resim: car racing
  8. Resim: scuba diving


Answer: What is your favourite sport?

  • Cevap


Read the dialogue and fiil in the blanks in the table for Mandy. Then fiil in the “YOU” part for yourself.

never rarely sometimes often usually always

How often do you run, Mandy?

  • Cevap: I rarely eat chocolate. I don’t like it very much.

Do you do bungee jump?

  • Cevap: I sometimes go svvimming with my sister because she likes it. I don’t often swim.

Read the diaiogue and fiil in the blanks in the
table for Mandy. Then fiil in the “YOU” part for

Functions: 1, 3, 4, 5

e.g. She goes to work at half past eight every moming. She is always very punctual. She is never late.


Work in pairs. Ask each other “What sports/activities do you do? How often do you do them? and answer. Say when you don’t understand. Use these: “Excuse me?”, “Can you you repeat, please?”

  • Cevap

Work in pairs. Ask each other “What sports/ activities do you do? How often do you do them?” and answer. Say when you don’t understand. Use these: “Excuse me?”, “Can you repeat, please?”.

Functions: 1,3,5

Skills: Spoken interaction

Compensation Strategy 2


Answer: When did you last vvatch a sports event? Where was it?

  • Cevap

Read the sports event descriptions and write the names of the sports.

Functions: 2, 6

Skills: Reading


Read the sports event descriptions and vvrite the names of the sports.

  1. Kutucuk: swimming 
  2. Kutucuk: football
  3. Kutucuk: basketball


Answer the questions.

What are the swimmers doing to get a breath?

  • They are lifting their heads.

What are the forvvards doing just before the kick-off?

  • They are standing in a line.

Did the player score a basket?

  • No, she couldn’t.


Look at the photos and describe. What are they doing? Then think about the last sports activity you did. How was it? Describe it briefly.


  1. He is kicking a goal.
  2. She is riding a borse. The horse is jumping now.
  3. They are playing tennis. He is kicking the ball with the racket now.
  4. They are starting to run for the race.
  5. She is diving.
  6. He is skating.


Categorize the sports, games or activities in the box. (Some of them can be in more than one category.)

football, athletics, basketball, swimming, cycling, rafting, golf, Pilates, running, volleyball, tennis, skiing, skateboarding, yoga, handball, boxing, table tennis, surfing, karate, gymnastics, judo, dancing,
clivvıbing, biking, sailing, bowling, roller-skatıng

  • Indors  bowling,
  • Outdors  cycling,
  • Individual  running,
  • Team sports handball




What sports in part 9 do you and your family members regularly do? How often do you/they do them? Why? What other activities do you regularly do? Talk about them with your friends.

  • Cevap

What sports İn part 9 do you and your family members regularly do? How often do you/they do them? Why? What other activities do you regularly do? Talk about them with your friends.

Functions: 1, 3, 4

Skills: Spoken Production


Answer: What is a marathon?

  • Cevap

A marathon is a long distance running event.


Listen to the text and find: How often do Zeynep and her parents do exercises?

  • Cevap

Hi! I’m Zeynep. I’m watching the İstanbul Marathon now. İt is an athletic event. İt happens every year on a
Sunday in October.

The marathon starts on the Asian side of İstanbul, shortly before the First Bosphorus Bridge, crosses the bridge and ends in the İnönü Stadium in the European part. The marathon is unique because athletes and runners have the fantastic view of the Bosphorus and many historic sites.

People över 18 years old, athletes or ordinary people can take part in this marathon. My father took part in this marathon five times. This year is the sixth time, it is a great success for him.

He began doing exercises five months ago because he wanted to be fit. He ran twice a week. I sometimes ran with him, but my mother never ran with hlm because she is overweight. She doesn’t want to run in the marathon. She thinks she cannot achieve it. My brother alvvays wants to come with us, but he can’t take part in the marathon because he is only ten years old.

Here they are! They are ali running fast. 150000 people are running. A very great event! That is my father!
He is running very well, too. Everybody is clapping and shouting. Ali the runners and their families are enjoying
themselves very much.

Answer Key

His father runs twice a week. Zeynep sometimes runs with him, but her mother never runs with them


Listen again and ansvver the questions.

When does the marathon take place every year?

  • It takes place every year on a Sunday in

Why did Zeynep’s father begin doing exercises five months ago?

  • Because he wanted to be fit.

Why can’t Zeynep’s brother take part ın the marathon?

  • Because he is under 18 years old.


First take notes. Then teli your friends what you know about İstanbul Marathon.

  • Cevap

First take notes. Then teli your friends what you know about İstanbul Marathon.

Functions: 7


15. What does Bella generally do ? Read the keywords and write about Bella.

  • Bella Smith is an athlete,

What does Bella generally do? Read the keywords and write about Bella. Functions: 1,3,4

Skills: Writing


Answer: Do you watch football matches? Why? Why not?

  • Cevap


Road tho dialogue and answen What happened to Messi?

  • Cevap

Answer Key

He had an injury.


Read the dialogue again and write the match results in the pictures.

  1. Barcelona – Atletico Madrid 2-1
  2. Arsenal – Manchester United 2-2
  3. Bayern Munich – Borussia Dortmund 2-3


What equipment do you need to do these sports? Find and write.

  • Jogging  e.g. running shoes
  • Skateboarding
  • Roller-skating
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Bowlinng
  • Tennis 





Work in pairs. Imagine you are a journalist and your friends famous sports figüre from your own or another country. Interview him/her about his/her daily life.

2. Think about a sports game. How was it? What happened? Write a paragraph. (Refer to activity 5-6.)

  • Cevap


Read the sentences and give points to yourself betvveen 0 and 5.

  • At the end of this unit, I can…
  • describe the frequency of actions,
  • describe what people are doing,
  • describe what people do regularly,
  • give explanations and reasons,
  • ask simple questions,
  • talk about past events,
  • teli people what I know.

Son soruda 5 üzerinden kendinize not veriniz. (self assessment)

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